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Super Moon Shadow Man Ghost Tour: Saturday Feb. 8th, 7:15p.m.


The first ghost tour of the season starts off under the light of a Super Full Moon.  This will be a perfect occasion to catch sight of the Shadow Man!  One of our infamous ghostly spirits that still remains at the sight of the old mortuary.  We will be investigating his last known appearance and waiting for another full apparition to manifest!
The Psychic on Duty, Cindy Ross will be your guide for the evening. Ghost enthusiasts will be instructed on how to use the ghost hunting equipment and be given the psychic’s hack on how to experience the ghostly spirits.




 Ghost tourist enjoy a 90 minute walking tour of Old Town Lewisville’s Main Street. Dating back to the late 1800’s, this is not your Grannies ghost tour! We do not sit inside eating pie and talk about other people’s ghost stories! Gateway Ghost Tours helps you get up close and personal with the ghostly residents that still call Old Town home. By weaving the history of Old Town with the paranormal and presenting the psychic perspective, you will have a better understanding of what it is to be ghost. Local Psychic Cindy Ross will help you feel and see the ghostly spirits the way she does! Howard Gunn the Paranormal Expert of the team will introduce you to the technical side of ghost detecting. Get ready to get in touch with the psychic detective in you, as you uncover the secrets of the sleepy little town we call Lewisville. Use of pendulums, divining rods and ghost meters are provide for our ghost enthusiast. Please bring your own equipment if you are the pro and we encourage you to take lots of pictures because the ghostly inhabitants love us and do often show up!


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